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These interviews are designed for you to gain clarity and insight. Lynda brings Spirituality ‘Out Of The Closet And Onto The Couch’. This is a Journey into the Future of Spirituality… Making it Real and Every Day! You’ll discover the Realness and the simplicity of the Awakening and how it can easily inspire your life!

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The Psychic Couch has 12 episodes that run for approximately 30 minutes each.

I have taken snippets from the Main interview from each episode and made it FREE for you in small easy to watch, bite size, 2-3 minute segments!

In the rest of each episode there is still a wealth of knowledge and stories to listen to. So don’t think you have seen it all just watching these snippets!

The real life stories and guest presenters share their personal stories and their professional advice. This is to provide you with the best understanding and real life experiences to see what it truly means to live a spiritual life, every day.

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Lynda Louise

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How The Psychic Couch Show Came Together

The concept for The Psychic Couch was given to me during a meditation when I was into my first year at University. I was shown the name and the concept in a vision and told that I would be putting the show together. I was also given the line ‘out of the closet and onto the couch’ and told that this was what I was going to be doing. I remember coming out of the mediation and laughing and saying out loud ‘there is no way I am doing that!’

I was so angry that I had been given this when I was in my first year at University and still had at least another 2 full year to complete my bachelor of Counselling. I thought to myself ‘You want me do this and now and I’ve just started my degree! I thought I was finally following my life path and trusting my intuition by starting my degree!”

Little did I know that the whole concept of The Psychic Couch would take me another 2.5 years to lay the foundations and get the concept right. I now realise that this was my spirit guides way of slowing me down and making sure I would do this right. Those next couple of years were an absolute test of my faith.

I ended up with the flu that turned to pneumonia two years in a row. I was so stressed out, that I later developed shingles after pushing myself to complete 10 subjects in the one year. And in 2014, during my third year at University, I found myself in great financial stress due to circumstances beyond my control. All of this while being a single mother, running a house and taking care of my two young children, two dogs and the newest addition, our cat named Lovely! Something had to change, I was loosing that confidence in myself that I thought I had! That is when I decided to study Mindfulness Meditation and bring my meditation and spiritual self to the next level. I loved it so much that I decided to add the classes to my studies so that I could pass these helpful techniques onto other people.

My desire is to get the message of The Psychic Couch “out of the closet and onto the couch” to get people talking about Spirituality as this real and everyday type of concept. To broaden the knowledge, and the understanding, of an aspect of our being that has been somewhat forgotten and misunderstood.Lynda Louise

Finally, with this new focus and drive for life, The Psychic Couch started to come together. I set out to provide, through each episode, real life stories where people have experienced tough or stressful scenarios in their lives, and though their faith and determination, their intuition has guided them in some way to finding peace. The interviews, guests and special guest presenters have been selected by me as those who best represent what The Psychic Couch is all about.

There has been a lot of tears and frustrations about what I was doing, but the one thing that kept me going was my gut feeling and my belief and faith in a higher power. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the time is right, and the time is now, to open our minds and our hearts and embrace our spiritual selves. The concept of spirituality is not new, but what is new is accepting it as something that you can rely on in real situations and during every day life. I’m looking forward to having you join me on the couch!

Season One Guest Presenters

Fiona Goddard

Chris Wildeboer


Sharelle Black

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