Segment #59 – The Face Within….

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This is the last part of the interviews with Sue Lester from Growing Content. Here Sue goes deeper into the face with… and the unconscious blue print. It really gets you thinking about what internal images you have about yourself and others. And how this can overflow into everyday life. Maybe something here will prompt your deeper curiosity to explore your face within? Yet another piece to help you clear away blocks and get a better understanding of your intuitive self. Here’s Sue’s last part of the interview now.

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All my life, I have experienced wonderful interactions with spirit. I have always had an interest in the unseen. And, through my own direct experiences of knowing, seeing and hearing spirit communication, my fascination with this world has grown. I feel, after looking back over my life, I had other life and soul lessons to learn before I was at the stage in my life, ready and, even mature enough, to develop and explore my spiritual self.

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