The Psychic Couch – Episodes


All 12 episodes of The Psychic Couch – Season One are filmed in HD Quality Vision that is convenient and has the luxury of on-demand TV.

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The Psychic Couch is an online TV show, a unique and fun way to bring spirituality “Out of the Closet and onto the Couch” through Real life Stories, Interviews, Entertainment and special guest presenters.  This is a ground breaking, first ever and a never seen before approach to Spirituality!

For too long, anything remotely spiritual or outside mainstream religion was considered to be taboo, untrue or even unreal. This needs to change because people are curious and want to know more about their true essence.  Lynda is dedicated to helping those curious human beings explore deeper spiritual aspects of themselves – the link between mind, body and spirit.
Do you want to know how does spirituality fit in with everyday life?’ And, do you want to see who is already doing this in real life?
Then you’ve come to the right place.  It is well known that we are more than just our physical bodies. We are also mind, soul and spirit. We need to re-connect with the spiritual aspect of ourselves, in a real and everyday kind of way. And that, is what the Psychic Couch is all about.

The Psychic Couch is a place you come and grow your knowledge and understanding of what it really means to live a spiritual life – everyday. Watch our episodes and get involved through Real life Stories, Interviews and Special Guest Presenters – and use this knowledge to apply new meaning to your own life in your own way.

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