Reflections…Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

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I woke this morning and while getting ready started thinking about what a BIG year this has been. I really thought the last few years were big and full of life’s lessons, but this year has really topped the cap in terms of BIG lessons.

2015 has been a year of stops and starts, of two steps forward then one step back and some days feeling like I was walking through waist deep mud! It felt like I was making some progress then a MASSIVE road block would pop up in front of me!

It was a year for testing my faith in myself, my God, my life purpose and resilience.

I know for a lot of people who I have conducted Psychic readings for felt very much the same.

Can you relate to what I experienced in 2015?

At this time of the year as I reflect on the whole year I really can see what a year it has been.

There was a massive business lesson with a legal battle with one of the biggest companies in the world. Finally, after many months, we came to an amicable outcome for both parties.

Also, I endured a major disappointment as a result of a so called website developer not creating a fully functioning website that she claimed she was capable of creating. This left me high and dry at a time that was supposed to be exciting, which was the launch of my business.

A high note with finishing three and half years of University!

A low moment of financial juggling and stress with trying to keep my house while getting my business off the ground.

Another high note with the re-launch of my business under my Lynda Louise Burke website with the completion of the production of the 12 episodes of The Psychic Couch on-line TV show.

More rearranging of finances as more unexpected expenses arrived.

Then a last high with being asked to help an organization who were not totally expecting of my Spiritual practices and who yet accepted me for exactly who I am and what I have to offer their community.

What a year for truly trusting my own Intuition!!!!!

I bet my ups and downs, and round and rounds, sound familiar to some of you!

As we are on the door step of an amazing 2016 energy I feel completely at peace with it all. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that 2016 will be a year of major achievements and plans and dreams taking off in ways that one could never imagine. And I know this will be the same for many of you.

What have been your major life lessons as you reflect on 2015?

Did you experience anything like what I did this year?

You know you should hold your head high and be proud of all that you have achieved this year. You have been tested beyond your limits from time to time. And you are a survivor. Not only that you are resilient and strong.

I encourage you to fill your hearts with as much love as you can muster and feel grateful for the lessons. Even though they were not really wanted lessons but never the less necessary for our growth and development.

I wish you all an amazing, joyous and prosperous New Year!

Remember to Live and Love Everyday!


Lynda Louise Burke

Making Spirituality Real and Everyday

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All my life, I have experienced wonderful interactions with spirit. I have always had an interest in the unseen. And, through my own direct experiences of knowing, seeing and hearing spirit communication, my fascination with this world has grown. I feel, after looking back over my life, I had other life and soul lessons to learn before I was at the stage in my life, ready and, even mature enough, to develop and explore my spiritual self.

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