Lynda Louise works with her individual clients for personal Psychic Readings and she also works with Entrepreneurs and Business owners Psychically connect with Spirit to discover processes and paths and provide insight from Spirit that help business people uncover blind spots and gain clarity with ideas.
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Benefits of a Business Psychic Readings

Uncover potential issues and unforseen events before they happen.
Gain insight into compeditors that can influence your strategies.
Gain a deeper insight in employees before you decide.
Brainstorm with my Spirit Guides and gain insights not previously discovered.

Benefits of a Personal Psychic Reading Or Guidance for Spiritual Growth…

  • Gain Clarity & Insight
  • Connect With Passed Loved Ones
  • Readings are Past, Present & Future Predictive Readings

“Lynda’s psychic readings were highly accurate, helpful and professional. I found her readings included personal details known only to myself and close family members. In addition, the readings gave me clarity and emotional support for my future direction. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynda’s services to my friends or family. I am confident of her abilities and professional training as a psychic medium.”Lenora R – Rothwell, Qld

Discover Your Inner Truth

A Psychic Reading is a process that allows you to gain clarity and insight into the issues or choices that you may be facing in your life.

As a Medium, I will help you connect with a loved one in the spirit world, and communicate messages from the other side.

As a Psychic, A Reading will always resonate with you on a deeper level and give you insight into situations, people, places and events. Hear what your Spiritual team have to say.

It can be a very emotional, yet healing experience, connecting with a spirit.

Reading Locations

Readings can be conducted online, over the phone or in-person, in The Psychic Couch studio, based in North Lakes, QLD, Australia.

  • Arrange A Skype/Zoom Call
  • Communicate Via Phone or FaceTime
  • Work With Lynda Louise In-Person


There are two types of bookings that Lynda provides. Predictive readings are where you can gain clarity and answers to the questions you may have in your life. Mediumship based readings are where Lynda Louise will connect with the spirits to communicate with passed loved ones.

How To Book

You can easily book a reading via email: OR via my contact page.

  • Click On The Link Below
  • Choose Your Date & Time
  • Complete Your Booking!


with Lynda Louise

Gain Clarity and Insight through a Reading With Lynda Louise. The Fee for service is $220 for up to one hour. You can record your readings on your own phone also.

Book Now $220.00

“I found Lynda when I was seeking assistance in life changes, I was amazed at not only her accuracy in my reading but her honesty too. Lynda has brought clarity into my world and answered questions I have been seeking answers to for years, I would highly recommend her to anyone else needing guidance throughout their journey in life.”Fiona L – Brisbane, QLD

Please ensure you carefully read the store terms & conditions before making a booking. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.