Lost for 13 years and then found – Adrenal Fatigue and Menopause

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Happy 1st July 1, 2019

I can not believe we are half way through another year!

Today I want to share with you a story about one of my clients from New Zealand.

About 5 years ago I did a Psychic Reading for a young girl. She went home to New Zealand and told her family about what was said in the readings.

To her surprise, things started to happen that were predicted. Both in her relationship and work life.

This lead to her mum and auntie coming for a Psychic reading with me a few years later.

During one of these readings, I was asked to check with spirit about the whereabouts of some long lots and much loved and missed jewelry of the ladies mother. This was the young girls grandmother.

So the reading went on and a few weeks later, 7th August 2018, I got a phone call from a lady in New Zealand.

She was the Grandmother who wanted to know the whereabouts of the missing jewelry. She was so excited to share that her granddaughter looked in the location that spirit had mentioned and there was the long lost and much-loved jewelry. This was so special as it was from the Grandmothers late husband.

Last Saturday 29th June 2019 I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn, the Grandmother, and doing a reading for her. I was so pleased that she was able here from her husband in the spirit world and receive her predictions from spirit.

I feel so honored to pass their messages on and be apart of the experience that has brought this family closer.

I also wanted to let you all know why I have been quiet on social media etc over the last few months.

For about one year now I have been suffering adrenal fatigue. Clearly doing to much as I really only know one speed, and that is, go, go, go!!

To add to that blood tests confirmed that I am perimenopausal. Which is totally alright and expected but has greatly added to my level and tiredness and fatigue.

I am lucky to have the support of my precious children and friends but have had to pull back from all the extra work I was doing and really prioritize the important things in my life. Number one will always be my children and supporting them plus looking after my health.
For that reason, I have not been very active and not doing many readings and pulled out of the online business.

I am under the care of a few good natural therapists and have menopausal symptoms under control now. Thank goodness.

I am back doing readings for a few hours on a Saturday and Sunday. But only a few each weekend as I need my downtime and don’t want to burn out any further.

So if you are after a psychic mediumship reading with me please email me at [email protected] and I will let you know the next available dates.

Live and Love Everyday

Lynda Louise
Psychic Medium & Holistic Counsellor

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All my life, I have experienced wonderful interactions with spirit. I have always had an interest in the unseen. And, through my own direct experiences of knowing, seeing and hearing spirit communication, my fascination with this world has grown. I feel, after looking back over my life, I had other life and soul lessons to learn before I was at the stage in my life, ready and, even mature enough, to develop and explore my spiritual self.