Segment #38 – That Critical Moment When She Listened To Her Intuition!

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A real life policing story from Karen. Shared and told as only Karen can. When you get to sit and really listen to these real examples of just how important trusting and learning what that voice of intuition sounds like, it can mean the difference between a good outcome or a bad one. Here today, you will get to listen to Karen share one of her stories from the day in the life of a Police Officer. I hope this helps you gain a better understand of what your intuition is there for. YOU! Enjoy!

About Lynda Louise

All my life, I have experienced wonderful interactions with spirit. I have always had an interest in the unseen. And, through my own direct experiences of knowing, seeing and hearing spirit communication, my fascination with this world has grown. I feel, after looking back over my life, I had other life and soul lessons to learn before I was at the stage in my life, ready and, even mature enough, to develop and explore my spiritual self.

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