Segment #12 When is the ‘right’ time to trust your gut feelings?

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I remember I was so pleased that Karen agreed to come on The Psychic Couch and share her story about how she went from being a Hairdresser to a Police Officer. As any one in this life time knows, it takes a lot a courage to make big changes in our lives and we can’t let self-doubt hold us back. Karen’s story is one of great encouragement for those thinking of making career changes or even life changes. Watch now and let the first part of Karen’s story inspire you and help you understand more about connecting to your own intuitive self! Interested in learning more about Karen’s journey?  Purchase either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Membership to watch her complete interview and more.  Find out more at The Psychic Couch now!

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All my life, I have experienced wonderful interactions with spirit. I have always had an interest in the unseen. And, through my own direct experiences of knowing, seeing and hearing spirit communication, my fascination with this world has grown. I feel, after looking back over my life, I had other life and soul lessons to learn before I was at the stage in my life, ready and, even mature enough, to develop and explore my spiritual self.

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