Our First SPIRTember Event in Darwin…A Great Success!

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After 3 years of creation and 12 months of planning, I am very pleased and slightly relieved to say that my first ever SPIRITember event in Darwin was a BIG success for many reasons!

I sent out a survey via email last night to the attendees of the FIRST EVER SPIRITember event held last weekend in Darwin.

Already the responses are coming in and they are fantastic!!

An absolute testimony to the presentations given by the local practitioners and to Tammy Hatherill’s hard work it gathering all trades and speakers and co-ordinating the event in Darwin!

This feedback from the attendees is what inspires us to keep going and create MORE and KEEP MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLES LIVES!

Because often, as a solo business person, the feedback can be slow or not very frequent from clients. But we all love to know that our passion and profession is helping others and makes a positive difference in their lives.

So, let me share the results so far to lift your ‘SPIRITembers’ higher and inspire you to attend the next events for 2018!
Drum Roll……….

Survey Questions and Answers so far….(less than 24 hours after surgery sent).

Q. How likely is it that you would recommend the event to a friend or colleague?
83% yes (that’s 9 out of 10)

Q. Overall how would you rate the event?

20% said excellent
60% said Very Good
20% said Good

Q. What did you like about the event?

“Range of mediums and guest speakers”

“Got to learn more about what is available locally.”

“Lots of different sources of info.
the talks and meeting professionals and like minded people”

“Listening to the interesting speakers “

Q. What did you dislike about the event?

“I wasn’t able to speak to all the guest speakers at their individual stalls. “

“The venue, would like to see in a more spacious area an air-conditioned one too. Would stay to hear all speakers then. “

“Nil “

“I didn’t really dislike like anything. It could have been held in a bigger space with more tables”

“Nothing to comment”

Q. How organized was the event?

20% said extremely organized
80% said very organized

Q. How friendly were the staff

60% said extremely friendly
40% said very friendly

Q. Prior to the event, how much of the information you needed did you get?

40% said all of the information
40% said most of the information
20% said some of the information

Q. Was the event length too long, too short or about right?

100% said about right

Q. Is there anything else you would like to share about the event?

“More, more!”


“Well one, I enjoyed myself and I would come again “

“Nice venue but a bit hot in the middle of the day”


These responses are so inspirational and the very reason I created SPIRITember.

SPIRITember is September is “Spirituality & Holistic Health Awareness Month”

It’s important to remember that from little things big things grow (as the ad on TV says).

So, one event at a time and over the years to come I know that SPIRITember will grow and become what it is meant to be for the community.

To raise the awareness to acceptance of Spirituality and Holistic Health in Australia.

A BIG thank you to Tammy Hatherill in Darwin for being the most amazing co-ordinator of their event. This is the role of a co-ordinator. Unite the community and bring your local experts and professionals together once a year.

And a BIG thank you to Allora Gardens Nursery for allowing us to hold the event on their grounds. So many people had very positive feedback on the venue. The energy was very uplifting sitting with nature.

A BIG thank you to Allison Price for all your help with administration and banner creations, sharing posts. Every effort is greatly appreciated for getting the word our about SPIRITember and it’s aim and events. You got us out of the poop a few times there Allison, so thank you. x

And lastly a BIG thank you to our MAJOR sponsor Holistic Bliss Magazine for helping us to promote the event around Australia. Everyone who attended the Darwin event received a copy of the magazine to take home. We love Holistic Bliss and all that it represents and it’s nurturing energy. Thank you Vanessa.


You can check out the speakers on the Darwin SPIRITember website and all the photos on Facebook here.

So keep an eye out for the updates on where and when our 2018 SPIRITember events will be.

Live and Love Everyday

Lynda Louise
SPIRITember…An event to remember!

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