Segment #3 An Inside View Of Life As A Medium

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Fiona Goddard:

Segment #3. Fiona Goddard is a gifted Medium based on the Gold Coast, here in Australia.

As a child, her story of seeing people who had passed away, seems all too familiar. She is able to share how this made her feel as a child, and again as a teenager; how she worked with her abilities and not against them in adult life.

Fiona has a lovely manner and really makes you feel relaxed. Have you ever had these similar experiences to Fiona or do you know someone who has?

Watch the first part of Fiona Goddard’s interview now.

I Am Now an Australian Academy of Spirit Member

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Hay everyone,

Exciting news! I am now a member of the Australian Academy of Spirit (AAS).

Who are they?

The Australian Academy of Spirit (AAS) is a national body representing professional and developing mediums. Established to recognise and ensure the highest standards of education and practise are maintained.

Their aim is to support and advance the levels of professional Mediumship through recognition of education & standards of training within Australia.

It is great to see standards and values for this industry. As I am a University trained Counsellor, the AAS values are very much in line with both my personal and professional standards. So I am proud to be apart of this Academy.

If you would like to check out more about AAS and what they are all about here is the link.

And, don’t forget you can book a reading with me via my SHOP section of my website too!


Lynda Louise
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Segment #2 Lost Touch With Who You Are?

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Sue Lester: Segment #2. There comes a point in our lives for some of us when we feel we have lost touch with who we are. You may have experienced a long term relationship break down or lost a job or be at that point in life where you just don’t know what you want any more. Sound familiar? Sue Lester from Growing Content asks the questions: Do you want to grow in content? Do you want to shift those negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back? And the obvious answer is YES! It does not matter what age you are, we all feel like we get lost and we allow fear to take over. How does this effect your intuition? IN A BIG WAY! If you are coming from a place of fear those negative thoughts will drown out your intuitive voice. Listen to what Sue says about this.

Segment #1 From Army Nurse To DNA Theta Master

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Pauline Longdon: Segment #1. Here we have a lady who was an Australian Army nurse and was faced with a major challenge in her life along with big decisions. Meet Pauline Longdon. I found listening to this part of Pauline’s interview very interesting. She explains things very clearly and you get a good understanding of how intuition hints may appear in your own life.  Can you relate to what Pauline is saying? Are you listening to your intuition? Let me know your thoughts after you watch this part of Pauline’s interview. Interested in learning more about Pauline’s journey?  Purchase either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Membership to watch her complete interview and more.  Find out more at The Psychic Couch now!

It Never Turns Out The Way You Plan

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Hello and welcome to my first blog!

Over the last 3 months a lot has happened. Let me fill you in.

I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason. I know that’s what most people say. However, I believe that the first launch of the Psychic Couch website, while being a complete disaster, was a blessing in disguise and two major life lessons.


Firstly, in business, you really need to learn how to develop, trust and follow your gut feelings, your intuition.  Well what better way than to be put in a position where you really need to be able to put all emotion to the side (after a big girly cry) and get your business smarts on.

And, this was exactly the position I found myself in three months ago. After 3 and a half years of work, it all came down to that one day. The launch of the Psychic Couch TV show back on the 22nd June 2015 was when disaster struck.  The web developer (who shall remain unnamed) did not develop a website that was able to do the most important function, enable people to pay and subscribe!

Mind you, this person had 12 months of working with me to create this website. So, it was not as if I was asking to have a completed and functioning website in an unrealistic time frame.

That was lesson one – Don’t pay all the website development up front and have faith that the universe will take care of things. ie. Karma. Then learn from it, let it go and develop a new strategy.

Lesson two – Keep the faith! I had to keep the faith in myself, what I am doing and in a higher power. This disaster launch was truly a blessing is disguise.  I can say that with a laugh now, because this NEW strategy that I have developed is even better! I have been able to bring you the 12 Psychic Couch episodes that I have created, with so much more value and support. And, I have put all my products and services in just one website!!


So, to all of you who have been following my journey with the Psychic Couch, my Readings and my Mindfulness meditation classes, a BIG heart felt thank you for your support!

I would love to hear your feedback about my new website and sincerely hope you enjoy all of the free content that I plan to bring you over the next 12 months.  My team and I are working hard to bring Season Two to you – I can’t wait!!! Want to watch all 12 of the Psychic Couch episodes? 


Lynda Louise

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