Segment #47 – Clarity Around Insecurity Verses Intuition In Relationships

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In relationship we can sometimes get our own emotions and feelings mixed up with our intuition. And when your partner is telling you ‘don’t be silly there is nothing going on’ we tend to believe them and dismiss our gut feelings and question our own thought process. But time and time again it will slowly bubble to the surface and you notice that stories are not matching up. Or you hear one version of an event from one person then another from someone else. How do you know it’s not just your own insecurities making you feel this way? This is the question that Sharelle was faced with. How did she overcome this? What can you learn from this? Watch now and let me know your thoughts?

Segment #46 – “Man’s got a Knife” Karen’s next story

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What would you do if you were Karen, a Police Officer, and you arrived at a disturbance and your ‘Spidy Senses’ started tingling? I was sitting on the edge of my seat as Karen was telling this story. I think Karen was spot on and tuning into the negative energy of the area and situation and that is why she was getting such a strong intuitive hit! Can you relate how she feels to a time in your own life? Was it your intuition kicking in? Watch as Karen shares another story with you.

Segment #45 – I Can’t Believe I Did Not Listen To Myself!

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I was looking to buy this brand spanking new car! And I had made my mind up on a particular car before I got to the car dealer. I really wanted to upgrade and have this car so today was the day and I was off to the dealer. I walked into that show room and looked around and it was not long before a sales man was asking what I was after. So I explained to him what I wanted and he noticed I was looking at a different car on the show room floor. But said no, that car is not what I am after. Well within 5 mins I was sitting in the drivers seat and hearing how great this car was. But the strangest thing started to happen to me. I started to feel sick! Watch and see what happened to me next…

Segment #44 – Sue’s Definition Of Intuition – Is It Like Yours?

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I always ask my guests what their definition of intuition is. Why? Because everyone has a slightly different take on it. Some people’s version may resonate with you, while others won’t. So, by proving you with a variety of definitions, you can chose that makes sense to you. Listen to Sue’s here and let me know your thoughts?

Segment #42 – I Can’t Explain It, I Just ‘Knew’.

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Wow! In part 4 of Pauline Longdon’s interview we covered quite a few very interesting areas. Even after I watched this part again I really just love hearing about how real and ever day people, just like you and me, have deep insight that is so valuable to share. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this part of Pauline’s interview. Let me know what you took away from this?

Segment #41 – How Do You ‘Get’ Your Intuitive Hits?

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Listening to Sarah Kottman from Natures Happiness describe how she ‘gets’ her intuition and what it feels like is a great example of how we are all different. What will make sense to one person will not for another! And that is all right because at the end of the day we are all having our own experiences and interpret them a little different to another person. Do you feel emotions or see images when you get your intuitive messages? Maybe what Sarah describes does feel right for you! And I love asking this question ‘when did you not follow your intuition?’ to those who I interview. This is about keeping it real! Watch as Sarah shares some personal relationship experiences that some of us can really relate too!

Segment #40 – Real Life Client Stories From Fiona

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As in any profession you are going to get all types of characters coming to see you. Have you ever wondered what types of things people go to psychic mediums for? And, it’s fascinating how Fiona described her experience with a person that came to her house to do some repair work. How does a psychic medium respond to danger in their own lives? Great examples from Fiona Goddard – Psychic Medium -Have a think about events in your own life. Can you relate to what Fiona shares? Watch this part of her interview here.

Segment #39 – Have Faith In The Outcome

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Have you ever pondered over something for a while and thought will I, won’t I ? And then thought ‘yes’ I am going to do this! Even the smallest or shortest journeys can take a slightly different path than you thought they would but the outcome is still the same. Well that is what happened to us. This particular morning I had made a decision that today we were going to do it! So off me and they kids went on our little journey! Watch and see how ‘Lovely’ came into our family and what the moral to this story is!

Segment #38 – That Critical Moment When She Listened To Her Intuition!

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A real life policing story from Karen. Shared and told as only Karen can. When you get to sit and really listen to these real examples of just how important trusting and learning what that voice of intuition sounds like, it can mean the difference between a good outcome or a bad one. Here today, you will get to listen to Karen share one of her stories from the day in the life of a Police Officer. I hope this helps you gain a better understand of what your intuition is there for. YOU! Enjoy!

Segment #37 – Charity Queen

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Is this area of fundraising something Claire Campbell has always been interested in? I would like to call her a charity queen! It takes a lot of effort, courage and willpower to keep moving forward with a fundraising idea when the issue is close to your heart. I loved the way Claire shared how this journey with Mum’s Diary has changed her life. How she has touched other people’s lives. Maybe this will inspire you in some way? Hear all the details from this part of Claire’s interview.