What is Abundance Coaching?

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Abundance definition: The situation in which there is more than enough of something
(Source: Cambridge English Dictionary)

Coaching definition: A coach is an expert who trains someone learning or improving a skill.
(Source: Cambridge English Dictionary)

I am a University degree trained Counsellor. And I work with the universal field of potential and your higher self to create authentic change and positive personal growth for you.

In an abundance coaching session, we will look at your belief systems. In particular, the ones that are holding you back in life. The beliefs that make you unhappy and keep repeating. We look at where they came from. And tighter we challenge those outdated beliefs, thoughts, and patterns and get rid of them. Next, we create more supportive beliefs that help you raise your vibration to the abundance of all there is.

You must be open, ready and desire change. If you believe you can you are right. If you believe you can’t you and right.
What you believe you create. What you focus on will manifest. Sometimes we need to be coached and challenged to grow and let go of what no longer serves us.

If you know with your heart and soul you are ready to change. You crave it bad enough. Then you are ready to change. Be brave and take the baby steps to your true potential and you will see for yourself the massive steps the universe opens for you!

You must have vision and faith in the goals you wish you receive and achieve.

Contact me now and boom your 1 and half hour session and BEGIN to change into who you were born to be….perfection manifested into life.

How can I help you?

Email: [email protected]
And tell me you are ready!

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Live and love every day….abundantly

Lynda Louise
Psychic medium abundance coach

Abundant Unconditional Love

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Question: How do I heal my heart and allow an abundance of love into my life? I have been hurt so much in past relationships I just don’t feel like I can find anyone who will love me for who I am. And I feel so lonely.

Answer: Over time with experiences of not feeling loved and being hurt we start to shut down and protect ourselves. When we do this we close our heart chakra and it becomes smaller and out of balance to the other chakras.

Heart chakras also close as we forget how to self-love. We forget our divine connection to source is our direct channel to unconditional love. We have been taught and conditioned that love is too conditional and that we will have it if we do things that please others first.

Past trauma compounds in the heart chakra area and can become so layered that we find it difficult to know where to start in the healing process. The process of letting go of past heart pain and even those we have lost in our lives.

The way back to the abundance of unconditional love is through a journey of self-paced healing. It takes years for the layers to cover the heart space and it will take deep reflection, self-honesty and face things we don’t want to face about our conditioning for the realization that you can have an abundance of unconditional love. The kind of love that has been within your being all along.

Through this honest, deep and self-paced healing path you will be open and nurture the heart space as your creator intended. Then your unconditional abundance of self-love will expand and help heal others. Naturally drawing them into your energy that will be palpable and radiate from you.

Finally, remember who are you and who you always have been… an abundance of unconditional love always and forever connected to the source for infinity. Therefore one must honor and love they self first.

Lynda Louise

Spiritual & Abundant Me
Live and Love Everyday

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Our First SPIRTember Event in Darwin…A Great Success!

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After 3 years of creation and 12 months of planning, I am very pleased and slightly relieved to say that my first ever SPIRITember event in Darwin was a BIG success for many reasons!

I sent out a survey via email last night to the attendees of the FIRST EVER SPIRITember event held last weekend in Darwin.

Already the responses are coming in and they are fantastic!!

An absolute testimony to the presentations given by the local practitioners and to Tammy Hatherill’s hard work it gathering all trades and speakers and co-ordinating the event in Darwin!

This feedback from the attendees is what inspires us to keep going and create MORE and KEEP MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLES LIVES!

Because often, as a solo business person, the feedback can be slow or not very frequent from clients. But we all love to know that our passion and profession is helping others and makes a positive difference in their lives.

So, let me share the results so far to lift your ‘SPIRITembers’ higher and inspire you to attend the next events for 2018!
Drum Roll……….

Survey Questions and Answers so far….(less than 24 hours after surgery sent).

Q. How likely is it that you would recommend the event to a friend or colleague?
83% yes (that’s 9 out of 10)

Q. Overall how would you rate the event?

20% said excellent
60% said Very Good
20% said Good

Q. What did you like about the event?

“Range of mediums and guest speakers”

“Got to learn more about what is available locally.”

“Lots of different sources of info.
the talks and meeting professionals and like minded people”

“Listening to the interesting speakers “

Q. What did you dislike about the event?

“I wasn’t able to speak to all the guest speakers at their individual stalls. “

“The venue, would like to see in a more spacious area an air-conditioned one too. Would stay to hear all speakers then. “

“Nil “

“I didn’t really dislike like anything. It could have been held in a bigger space with more tables”

“Nothing to comment”

Q. How organized was the event?

20% said extremely organized
80% said very organized

Q. How friendly were the staff

60% said extremely friendly
40% said very friendly

Q. Prior to the event, how much of the information you needed did you get?

40% said all of the information
40% said most of the information
20% said some of the information

Q. Was the event length too long, too short or about right?

100% said about right

Q. Is there anything else you would like to share about the event?

“More, more!”


“Well one, I enjoyed myself and I would come again “

“Nice venue but a bit hot in the middle of the day”


These responses are so inspirational and the very reason I created SPIRITember.

SPIRITember is September is “Spirituality & Holistic Health Awareness Month”

It’s important to remember that from little things big things grow (as the ad on TV says).

So, one event at a time and over the years to come I know that SPIRITember will grow and become what it is meant to be for the community.

To raise the awareness to acceptance of Spirituality and Holistic Health in Australia.

A BIG thank you to Tammy Hatherill in Darwin for being the most amazing co-ordinator of their event. This is the role of a co-ordinator. Unite the community and bring your local experts and professionals together once a year.

And a BIG thank you to Allora Gardens Nursery for allowing us to hold the event on their grounds. So many people had very positive feedback on the venue. The energy was very uplifting sitting with nature.

A BIG thank you to Allison Price for all your help with administration and banner creations, sharing posts. Every effort is greatly appreciated for getting the word our about SPIRITember and it’s aim and events. You got us out of the poop a few times there Allison, so thank you. x

And lastly a BIG thank you to our MAJOR sponsor Holistic Bliss Magazine for helping us to promote the event around Australia. Everyone who attended the Darwin event received a copy of the magazine to take home. We love Holistic Bliss and all that it represents and it’s nurturing energy. Thank you Vanessa.


You can check out the speakers on the Darwin SPIRITember website and all the photos on Facebook here.

So keep an eye out for the updates on where and when our 2018 SPIRITember events will be.

Live and Love Everyday

Lynda Louise
SPIRITember…An event to remember!

When Life Presents Its Challenges

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Sometimes life just gets all too much.
Recently I have had to go through another massive ending in my life. This creates so much unsettle in the family and in my energy field. Believe it or not we are all here having the same experiences. And, it is no easier for those on the spiritual path or who practice spirituality, meditation or are healers or psychics. You see we all have our own paths to walk and we just need to walk them the best way we can.

And, like any other Mother, be it a single mum or a mum who has a husband/partner, we have to step up and be there for our children. I have had to do this for my two children this last month. I have had to be their voice through a difficult time. And I am so proud of my youngest for speaking up when she felt very unhappy with the situation. It takes tremendous courage to say what you want to say as a child. But something inside her was stronger and she knew that things we not right.

As a professional counsellor myself, I am proud of both of my kids for spending time with our counsellor and working through their fears and worries. We all need to seek professional help form to time to time in our lives. Even those who are in the helping profession and their families.

My hope for you is that you seek the help you need for yourself and your family when they need it. Don’t ever be afraid to the words “I need help” or “I am not happy with the situation”. This is your life. And those who love you will support you.

Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and say “I can do this”.

Live and Love Everyday

Lynda Louise

Please head to my website SHOP page if you are in need to guidance in your life and book an appointment to see me.

Psychic readings and counselling sessions are by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays.

SPIRITember Northern Territory ~ Sunday 24th September 2017

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Spirituality & Holistic Health Presented in a Totally Different Format!
Educational | Practical | Real
SPIRITember “September is Spirituality & Holistic Health Awareness Month” With Events to celebrate!

Sunday 24th September 2017 ~ Northern Territory ~ FREE Event

To provide education and information through real life examples of how spirituality and holistic health can be integrated into everyday life.
To showcase professional practitioners in their field and provide educational presentation/s perspective and workshops and trade displays.

Our Mission:
To raise the awareness and acceptance of spirituality and holistic health and it’s concepts through education events\Celebrations\workshops\speakers in a real and everyday kind of way.

Here is the line up for the Northern Territory FREE Event…


Tammy Hatherill – Hypnotherapy


Dee Robertson ~ Spiritual Life Coaching


Gisela Pineiro ~Art and Intentional Creativity


Deirdre ~ NLP


Kristy ~ Naturopathy/Reflexology & Flower Essences


Dee Robertson ~ Soul Realignment


Sain Ashleigh ~ Wellness Coach



Get your FREE tickets for this one day ONLY event HERE 

and more details can be found on the Northern Territory SPIRITember website HERE

Welcome to SPIRITember 2017

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Here at SPIRITember HQ are pleased and excited to announce that the SPIRITember events are coming together very nicely.

Have you seen the latest updates to our website?

Spirituality & Holistic Health Presented in a Totally Different Format!

Educational | Practical | Real

SPIRITember “September is Spirituality & Holistic Health Awareness Month” With Events to celebrate!

Here is a reminder about our Goals and Mission.

To provide education and information through real life examples of how spirituality and holistic health can be integrated into everyday life.
To showcase professional practitioners in their field and provide educational presentation/s perspective and workshops and trade displays.

Our Mission:
To raise the awareness and acceptance of spirituality and holistic health and it’s concepts through education events\Celebrations\workshops\speakers in a real and everyday kind of way.

Perhaps you are in the Northern Territory. Check out there list of speakers for the 24th September event here.

All events have speakers and trade displays and much more…

So please keep an eye out for the updates in your inbox with the addition of new speakers and events for the month of September 2017.

Educational ~ Practical ~ Real

Are Psychics Real?

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I have to say this question made me laugh! Real compared to what I say?

Compared to….real people, real life, real experiences or real compared to fake?

Well, I guess it’s a fair question.

And here is what I think.

It depends who you are talking to. If you ask somebody who has had a great experience and had accurate predictions in a psychic reading, they will tell you Psychics are real.

If you ask someone who is a skeptic, are Psychics real… well you don’t need to be Psychic to work that one out!

But all jokes aside.

Yes, Psychics are real.

They are real people who have developed and run with the natural ability to ‘tune into’ the information that is available to all of us.

How do they do this?

They use their God given senses know as ‘Clair’s’ to see, feel, hear, smell, taste and know what is going for, to and around the person they are reading for.

As human beings, our biggest barrier to conducting psychic readings is our conscious mind. You see, our thoughts jump in and like to add or comment on what is going on for that person and the true lines of psychic communication can get blurred.

I have heard of ‘so called’ experienced Psychics adding their opinions (ego) to the reading with their client. When really, if a Psychic is reading ethically they are there ONLY to pass information on and not interpret or add to the information with own thoughts etc about what’s going on for you.

A good rule of thumb to see if the psychic reading was real for you, is to feel if it resonated with you. I mean, did it feel true or sound true? Did you understand or relate to the information given to you?

Do not let the Psychic ‘tell you’ what you should do. Always take your time to digest the information and always try and record the Psychic reading so you can listen back to your reading anytime.

Also, with the invention of the internet and Google you can research to your hearts content ‘are Psychics real’ and you will form your own opinion.

So, with what I have shared and your own research I wish you happy searching.
Are Psychics real?

Yes, they are as real as you are reading this now!

So if you want to find out if I am real!!! Why not book a Psychic reading with me today!


Live and Love Everyday

Lynda Louise
Making Spirituality Real and Everyday

Segment #59 – The Face Within….

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This is the last part of the interviews with Sue Lester from Growing Content. Here Sue goes deeper into the face with… and the unconscious blue print. It really gets you thinking about what internal images you have about yourself and others. And how this can overflow into everyday life. Maybe something here will prompt your deeper curiosity to explore your face within? Yet another piece to help you clear away blocks and get a better understanding of your intuitive self. Here’s Sue’s last part of the interview now.

Segment #58 – When Didn’t Karen Follow Her Intuition & What Happened?

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Remember Karen? This is that last part of her interview. Today she shares with you her definition of intuition. I wonder if it’s like yours? Also, she shares a story about a time when she didn’t follow her intuition and what happened. Gosh so many of us can relate to these stories! My aim in showing you these stories is so you can get a clear example from other people about intuition. Have you got a story like Karen’s that you would like to share with me? Well first let’s hear Karen’s.