The Most Asked Questions From Clients

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The questions I get asked most from clients wanting to book an appointment with me…

1) Does the readings still work if you do the reading via ZOOM. Answer: Yes it sure does. Everything is energy and so reading for you remotely is not an issue. I can record the reading for you on zoom and email it to you when we are finished. It’s the same with Astrology chart readings, then you have all the info to watch again anytime.

2) Who are you talking to when you do your psychic readings? Answer: I am connecting with your spiritual team and I use my clairvoyance and clairaudience to see and hear the message for you. I get information about your past, present and future through images and words. I don’t need to know anything about you expect your first name.

3) How long do your readings go for? Answer: Generally up to one hour, some may go over a little, but I try and keep it to one hour.

4) How often do people have readings? Answer: I do not encourage people to see a psychic any less than 9 or 12 months, because you need to get on with your life and trust your own intuition and let life unfold around you. You should always trust your intuition when booking with someone. It must feel right for you.

5) How do I know if the psychic medium astrologer is any good? Answer: Check out their social media for testimonials and ask friends who they recommend.

WARNING: Watch out for SCAM accounts too. There are many good and professional psychic mediums and astrologers who have had their accounts copied and then the SCAMMERS start messaging their followers trying to get them to book a reading. The spelling of the accounts are often slightly different, they are hoping you will not notice. Please stay safe and check the accounts and search for the real account. If in doubt do not reply to these messages. They are unethical.
Live and Love Everyday,

Lynda Louise
Psychic Medium and Astrologer

This is New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini – Overcome Challenges

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini 19 degrees @ 8.53pm (AEST) 10th June 2021.

How do you respond to setbacks?

Are you Overthinking?

Do you respond with a sense of optimism and a sense of opportunity?

Or are they all consuming and overwhelm you?

Keep my words as your NEW inner voice to move forward during times of deep reflection in your life.

Challenges that set me back cannot stop me. At worst, they can only delay my success a little bit. In the end, though, I know that I can attain great success. I am confident of my abilities to overcome obstacles.

Sometimes a setback gives me a chance to advance my knowledge and see things in a new way, which results in achieving my goal even sooner than my original path may have taken. My setback becomes the event that actually catapults me forward!

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini gives us time to think about our options and how we going to proceed through our challenges. Some times this Gemini energy can be about overthinking.

So, Sometimes what seems like a setback gives me a chance for adventure, like if my flight is canceled and I am stranded in a strange city. I could get upset about it. Or I could take advantage of my opportunity to take a mini-vacation and be a tourist for a day!

If I get stuck in a long traffic jam, instead of worrying about being late for an appointment, I can call ahead to reschedule and then listen to an inspiring song. This moment may be just the thing I need to discover a solution to another challenge.

There are some setbacks that can even serve to heighten my motivation to achieve my goal. My optimistic attitude jumps in to tell me that I am capable, in spite of the setback, and I get through with more determination than ever before!

For these reasons, I resist the temptation to think of setbacks as bad. In fact, I know that they are often good. So I view them as an opportunity and look for the silver lining as I seek my solution.

Today, I intend to look for the silver lining in every challenge and view my setbacks in a positive light.

Self-Reflection Questions:

• Do I automatically view all setbacks as bad? Why?
• When has a setback turned out to bring me something good after all?
• Am I optimistic that I can succeed in spite of my setbacks?

Use this power energy to re-align your thoughts into a more produce pattern.

If you need help and support you can do my 4 week online course for $47 on How to Overcome Challenges and Rejuvenate to find a New Career over 30″ You may not be looking to start a new career, but creating new ways of thinking about challenges can also boost your life and your existing career or prompt you to make that change you have always wanted to.

Live and Love Every day

Lynda Louise
Counsellor & Business Coach – Psychic Medium – Astrologer

3 Reasons Why You Need To Understand Coherence in Your Life

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There 3 Main Reasons Why You Need To Understand Coherence In Your Life.

Understanding Coherence will make you a much more power person.
It will get rid of a lot of frustration in your life, and then you will be able to more easily, create what you want in life.

What is coherence?

In a simple and practical way it is to do with alignment, stability and connection to the important things in your life and flexibility around it all, at the same time.

3 important areas of coherence and alignment.

1. Coherence of the Heart
2. Coherence of Intention
3. Coherence of Emotion

1. Coherence of the Heart

The problem comes up when you have low heart coherence you are highly focused on the problem and unaware of your divine intervention connection.

This happens when your heart rate is low and you have high stress. If you feel overwhelmed you have low heart coherence because of the things in your life that are creating a lot of stress on you. This is going to limit the potential to find solutions that you can actually bring to the table, for yourself in your life.

And you are disconnecting from the Devine intervention, your Devine source.

So, to improve heart intervention you shift your gaze. You sometimes can have tunnel vision on things and this limits your field of options and this can make it very difficult for you to be powerful and creative.

Because “tranquility breads creativity”.

When we apply this principle, increasing your heart coherence is easier than you think, when you are doing things that you really love.

So for example. People love to go to the gym. Some like to go out for a walk and others love to go for a drive. Or to do art work. So do that for awhile and have a break.

Find the tranquil space to allow the creativity to flow!

It may feel like you are walking away from the problem or issue but you are not. You are actually shifting your gaze from the problem, to allow Devine intervention space to come into the heart space and help you solve the issue.

Heart coherence can be activate by taking deep breath and go outside and look up and look around. Interestingly enough, in life our solutions to our problems, are just in our peripheral vision so to speak. Just on the outside of our vision. And you can come up with incredible insight and easy solutions to things that seemed difficult.

To really step into heart coherence you have to believe that really are unconditionally loved. To believe that you are more powerful and connected, than you can ever imagine.

2. Coherence of Intention

You come from a place for position of knowing. An innate part of your entire being just knows. And your intentions are pure and you know what they are.
I know that I am a powerful person. That I can create things and I know what I want to create. So it means to have absolute clarity. Clarity around your intentions and what you want to create.

3. Coherence of Emotion

This is coherence on the volume and quality and intensity of the emotion you are experiencing.
So you have really two options in life. Either being reactive or proactive.
And when you are reactive you tend to allow your current circumstances to impact what you are thinking, feeling, saying and doing. And as a result ,you are only really creating simple more of your current circumstances.

Or, you can use your God given imagination and your belief in Devine intervention plus your clarity of what you want. Then make a deliberate decision with your emotions and your imagination and see yourself in the desired end result, that you want.

And have such strong corresponding emotions to it, that so much of your being thinks that it has already happened.

And when you do that, then your imagination and the deliberate set of emotions that you have created, will impact what you are thinking ,feeling, saying and doing and you can start creating what you want in life.

Another way of looking at it is…It’s the need to create and get ‘pregnant’ with something. It’s like the pregnant women who can not yet hold the baby, but she already loves it. And she already feels she has the baby. And to create what you want in life proactively, you have to get pregnant with the vision for it, to such a degree that much of you thinks it has already happened!

Faith in the self and faith that you are connected to a divine source that you can tap into will benefit you greatly.

So learn how to be in Coherence with your Heart, intentions and emotions to create the success that you need.

If you would like coaching or counselling to support your growth in this direction, please email me at

Live and Love Everyday

Lynda Louise
Counsellor, Coach & Psychic Medium & Astrologer

An Entity Caught On Snapchat!

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Yes you read that correctly!

I received a message from a friend with this image attached.

She was blown away by what her neighbours daughter had caught on Snapchat.

Apparently, the young girl was in her room playing on Snapchat and just as she was clicking the photo button she saw this out of the corner of her eye. She screamed and threw the phone on her bed and ran out of the room.

Moments later a little shaken she returned to the room and checked her phone. This is the photo she captured on Snapchat!

What is so interesting is the fact that the facial recognition used did actually recognise the “being” as a face! Therefore, actually allowing it to be caught on camera.

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the universe really is and that we are not alone.

I know the person who sent me the photo very well, so I trust the photos accuracy 100%.

Have you ever caught anything amazing and fascinating like this on camera before?

Live and Lover Everyday

Lynda Louise
Psychic Medium

Lost for 13 years and then found – Adrenal Fatigue and Menopause

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Happy 1st July 1, 2019

I can not believe we are half way through another year!

Today I want to share with you a story about one of my clients from New Zealand.

About 5 years ago I did a Psychic Reading for a young girl. She went home to New Zealand and told her family about what was said in the readings.

To her surprise, things started to happen that were predicted. Both in her relationship and work life.

This lead to her mum and auntie coming for a Psychic reading with me a few years later.

During one of these readings, I was asked to check with spirit about the whereabouts of some long lots and much loved and missed jewelry of the ladies mother. This was the young girls grandmother.

So the reading went on and a few weeks later, 7th August 2018, I got a phone call from a lady in New Zealand.

She was the Grandmother who wanted to know the whereabouts of the missing jewelry. She was so excited to share that her granddaughter looked in the location that spirit had mentioned and there was the long lost and much-loved jewelry. This was so special as it was from the Grandmothers late husband.

Last Saturday 29th June 2019 I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn, the Grandmother, and doing a reading for her. I was so pleased that she was able here from her husband in the spirit world and receive her predictions from spirit.

I feel so honored to pass their messages on and be apart of the experience that has brought this family closer.

I also wanted to let you all know why I have been quiet on social media etc over the last few months.

For about one year now I have been suffering adrenal fatigue. Clearly doing to much as I really only know one speed, and that is, go, go, go!!

To add to that blood tests confirmed that I am perimenopausal. Which is totally alright and expected but has greatly added to my level and tiredness and fatigue.

I am lucky to have the support of my precious children and friends but have had to pull back from all the extra work I was doing and really prioritize the important things in my life. Number one will always be my children and supporting them plus looking after my health.
For that reason, I have not been very active and not doing many readings and pulled out of the online business.

I am under the care of a few good natural therapists and have menopausal symptoms under control now. Thank goodness.

I am back doing readings for a few hours on a Saturday and Sunday. But only a few each weekend as I need my downtime and don’t want to burn out any further.

So if you are after a psychic mediumship reading with me please email me at and I will let you know the next available dates.

Live and Love Everyday

Lynda Louise
Psychic Medium & Holistic Counsellor

Rebellions Are Built On Faith

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Do you think you could rebel against the daily grind?

Are you ready to stop burning the candle at both ends?

Have you had enough of what society dictates your life should be or look like?

I ask you this….

Are you ready to:

Rebel against what society expects your daily work life should look like.

Rebel against the expectations of society that you ‘must’ or ‘ought’ to do life tough every day.

Rebel against early starts and late pickups of the kids from after-school care.

Rebel against your fear mindset that says ‘well this is the way it’s going to be.”

Rebel against the normality of returning to a messy house after a long week at work.

Rebel against the guilt of putting kids in vacation care for the school holidays.

Rebel against the thought of ‘I’m too tired to catch up with friends’.

Rebel against the heavy traffic every morning on the way to and from work.

Rebel against the trip to the supermarket on the way home for yet another rushed dinner.

Rebel against the lost time when you need to travel away from family for work.

Rebel against the guilt of sending kids to school when they are not well, just because you are running out of leave.

Rebel against the weekend work that takes you away from you creating memories with your children now.

Rebel against your fear that you have no other choice in life.

Are you willing to have faith and …

Embrace the faith that you’ve got this and the faith that the universe has led you to where you are now?

Embrace new beginnings?

Embrace courage to take a dive into the light and discover the alternative?

To not miss another chance to create memories with your family?

This is what I have chosen for my children and myself.

I rebelled against what was expected of me and went for the unexpected freedom.

I have rebelled against the everyday work life and am now building a team of successful entrepreneurs who want to work from home or anywhere in the world from their laptop.

If you are ready to rebel against the norm and ready to embrace all the life has to offer and work with action and embrace opportunity then make 2019 your year and do it!

Learn about how you can create a successful business working online with me.


Take action and make 2019 your year NOT just another year!

Email: for FREEDOM details.

Live and Love Everyday


Lynda L Burke


To Inspire One ~ Poem by Lynda L Burke

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How did I Inspire One?

Here is a poem I wrote after sharing just part of my life experiences during my counselling training at University.

As students, we had to sit in groups and one person role played the therapist and the other the client.

My fellow student who I was doing the role-play with was so moved by my story that she broke down in tears and hugged me.


I was not expecting that reaction from her and it inspired me and moved me so much, that I wrote this poem.



To Inspire One

by Lynda L Burke

Yesterday I inspired one

Today I may inspire none

To inspire one came as a complete surprise

For to inspire one happened right before my eyes

The journey for me has now begun

Out of my hands and on the run

As if it now has a life of its own

Like a dormant seed when watered has gown

My stomach is filled with butterflies

And my head tells me a million lies

My heart beats fast like I am in a race

Yet strangely a smile appears on my face

My guides and God in you I trust

And trust in myself is now a must

For my soul can now see the sun

All because yesterday I inspired one!

Lynda L Burke



We all go through tough times and it’s during those times that we need the most help and support.

I hope this inspired you on your journey.


Live and Love Everyday

Lynda L Burke

What is Abundance Coaching?

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Abundance definition: The situation in which there is more than enough of something
(Source: Cambridge English Dictionary)

Coaching definition: A coach is an expert who trains someone learning or improving a skill.
(Source: Cambridge English Dictionary)

I am a University degree trained Counsellor. And I work with the universal field of potential and your higher self to create authentic change and positive personal growth for you.

In an abundance coaching session, we will look at your belief systems. In particular, the ones that are holding you back in life. The beliefs that make you unhappy and keep repeating. We look at where they came from. And tighter we challenge those outdated beliefs, thoughts, and patterns and get rid of them. Next, we create more supportive beliefs that help you raise your vibration to the abundance of all there is.

You must be open, ready and desire change. If you believe you can you are right. If you believe you can’t you and right.
What you believe you create. What you focus on will manifest. Sometimes we need to be coached and challenged to grow and let go of what no longer serves us.

If you know with your heart and soul you are ready to change. You crave it bad enough. Then you are ready to change. Be brave and take the baby steps to your true potential and you will see for yourself the massive steps the universe opens for you!

You must have vision and faith in the goals you wish you receive and achieve.

Contact me now and boom your 1 and half hour session and BEGIN to change into who you were born to be….perfection manifested into life.

How can I help you?

And tell me you are ready!

Want to know more about me.
Click here.

Live and love every day….abundantly

Lynda Louise
Psychic medium abundance coach

Abundant Unconditional Love

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Question: How do I heal my heart and allow an abundance of love into my life? I have been hurt so much in past relationships I just don’t feel like I can find anyone who will love me for who I am. And I feel so lonely.

Answer: Over time with experiences of not feeling loved and being hurt we start to shut down and protect ourselves. When we do this we close our heart chakra and it becomes smaller and out of balance to the other chakras.

Heart chakras also close as we forget how to self-love. We forget our divine connection to source is our direct channel to unconditional love. We have been taught and conditioned that love is too conditional and that we will have it if we do things that please others first.

Past trauma compounds in the heart chakra area and can become so layered that we find it difficult to know where to start in the healing process. The process of letting go of past heart pain and even those we have lost in our lives.

The way back to the abundance of unconditional love is through a journey of self-paced healing. It takes years for the layers to cover the heart space and it will take deep reflection, self-honesty and face things we don’t want to face about our conditioning for the realization that you can have an abundance of unconditional love. The kind of love that has been within your being all along.

Through this honest, deep and self-paced healing path you will be open and nurture the heart space as your creator intended. Then your unconditional abundance of self-love will expand and help heal others. Naturally drawing them into your energy that will be palpable and radiate from you.

Finally, remember who are you and who you always have been… an abundance of unconditional love always and forever connected to the source for infinity. Therefore one must honor and love they self first.

Lynda Louise

Spiritual & Abundant Me
Live and Love Everyday

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Our First SPIRTember Event in Darwin…A Great Success!

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After 3 years of creation and 12 months of planning, I am very pleased and slightly relieved to say that my first ever SPIRITember event in Darwin was a BIG success for many reasons!

I sent out a survey via email last night to the attendees of the FIRST EVER SPIRITember event held last weekend in Darwin.

Already the responses are coming in and they are fantastic!!

An absolute testimony to the presentations given by the local practitioners and to Tammy Hatherill’s hard work it gathering all trades and speakers and co-ordinating the event in Darwin!

This feedback from the attendees is what inspires us to keep going and create MORE and KEEP MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLES LIVES!

Because often, as a solo business person, the feedback can be slow or not very frequent from clients. But we all love to know that our passion and profession is helping others and makes a positive difference in their lives.

So, let me share the results so far to lift your ‘SPIRITembers’ higher and inspire you to attend the next events for 2018!
Drum Roll……….

Survey Questions and Answers so far….(less than 24 hours after surgery sent).

Q. How likely is it that you would recommend the event to a friend or colleague?
83% yes (that’s 9 out of 10)

Q. Overall how would you rate the event?

20% said excellent
60% said Very Good
20% said Good

Q. What did you like about the event?

“Range of mediums and guest speakers”

“Got to learn more about what is available locally.”

“Lots of different sources of info.
the talks and meeting professionals and like minded people”

“Listening to the interesting speakers “

Q. What did you dislike about the event?

“I wasn’t able to speak to all the guest speakers at their individual stalls. “

“The venue, would like to see in a more spacious area an air-conditioned one too. Would stay to hear all speakers then. “

“Nil “

“I didn’t really dislike like anything. It could have been held in a bigger space with more tables”

“Nothing to comment”

Q. How organized was the event?

20% said extremely organized
80% said very organized

Q. How friendly were the staff

60% said extremely friendly
40% said very friendly

Q. Prior to the event, how much of the information you needed did you get?

40% said all of the information
40% said most of the information
20% said some of the information

Q. Was the event length too long, too short or about right?

100% said about right

Q. Is there anything else you would like to share about the event?

“More, more!”


“Well one, I enjoyed myself and I would come again “

“Nice venue but a bit hot in the middle of the day”


These responses are so inspirational and the very reason I created SPIRITember.

SPIRITember is September is “Spirituality & Holistic Health Awareness Month”

It’s important to remember that from little things big things grow (as the ad on TV says).

So, one event at a time and over the years to come I know that SPIRITember will grow and become what it is meant to be for the community.

To raise the awareness to acceptance of Spirituality and Holistic Health in Australia.

A BIG thank you to Tammy Hatherill in Darwin for being the most amazing co-ordinator of their event. This is the role of a co-ordinator. Unite the community and bring your local experts and professionals together once a year.

And a BIG thank you to Allora Gardens Nursery for allowing us to hold the event on their grounds. So many people had very positive feedback on the venue. The energy was very uplifting sitting with nature.

A BIG thank you to Allison Price for all your help with administration and banner creations, sharing posts. Every effort is greatly appreciated for getting the word our about SPIRITember and it’s aim and events. You got us out of the poop a few times there Allison, so thank you. x

And lastly a BIG thank you to our MAJOR sponsor Holistic Bliss Magazine for helping us to promote the event around Australia. Everyone who attended the Darwin event received a copy of the magazine to take home. We love Holistic Bliss and all that it represents and it’s nurturing energy. Thank you Vanessa.


You can check out the speakers on the Darwin SPIRITember website and all the photos on Facebook here.

So keep an eye out for the updates on where and when our 2018 SPIRITember events will be.

Live and Love Everyday

Lynda Louise
SPIRITember…An event to remember!