Astrology Natal Chart Analysis, Bio-Energetic Field Analysis & Counselling.
(AB Counselling)

These 3 powerful techniques provide access to results quicker and more effective than Counselling or Psychology alone.

Your Divine Success is Already within You.

Everything You Need is Inside You waiting to be released for Success at ALL levels of life.

I help you Access, Manifest and Activate Your Innate Destiny, the reason you are here, your life passion and your life purpose.

Because, I am the Queen of Pivoting and I am a person who embraces change. Sometimes you need a coach to help you tap into aspects of yourself, you did not know existed, to activate and manifest change.

Astro-Psychology & Bio-Energetic Analysis Counselling & Coaching is an innovative form of coaching that uses Astrology, a new technology with Healy and Counselling, plus Coaching to uncover and Manifest and Activate your success and mental wellness goals.

The role of the Healy is to analyse & improve your bio-energetic imbalances using frequencies.

Astrology helps to understand your natal emotional language and personal way of being in the world. Your Karma, work & Success Habits.

Counselling & Coaching techniques help improve your mental and emotional wellness and move energy and frequencies into the Manifestation and Activation of mental wellness and success in Business and your personal life.

These 3 Techniques combined allow me to work with your Energy and Frequency at a more effective level.

During an AB Counselling & Coaching session, I use your Natal Astrological Analysis to better understand the different parts of who you are, plus look at current Astrology transits. We discuss what drives you in your Business and Personal Life and where your Karmic (Saturn) Energy Blocks are to success.

The addition of the analysis of your bio-energetic field results is a clearer understanding of all aspects within your personality and energetic field. We balance these and create your frequency of Wealth & Abundance of all that is, to manifest and activate YOUR Divine Success goals!

It is these 3 elements of an AB counselling & Coaching session, that helps us work together towards your goal of feeling better about your desired Business and Personal life direction.

All aspects are essential elements of the sessions for maximizing your mental and physical health outcomes.

This Healy device can be worn on the wrist or placed on the desk during a session. What ever makes you feel comfortable.

It’s painless, and the micro-currents run through 2 electrodes at once. Or if you prefer, It can be set to run the frequencies remotely, while you are in the room. And I also have the coil, which allows you to wear it during a session with no cords.

These micro-currents increase cell energy levels which help alleviate stress and creates mental balance. They enhance the energy and frequencies in your bio-energetic field during a session.

AB Counselling & Coaching, 3 elements that are more effective, than Coaching alone, at assisting you to Manifest and Activate your Success Goals, in your Business and Personal Life.

“Millionaires Don’t Use Astrologers, Billionaires Do”
– J.P. Morgan –
Lynda Lousie - Bach. Counselling

What is Astro-Psychology?
I use a combination of Natal Astrology (Your birth Chart) and current Astrology Transits, to look at how they interact and influence your daily life. This helps form a basis of your emotional language, your energy and how your present to the world.

What happens in the Counselling/Coaching session?
During the session, together we will uncover what you need and discuss techniques that will be more tailored to your personal chart and personal and Business situation, to better understand you as a person and how you work in the world.
In addition, to your Astrology natal birth chat, I also use a mirco-current device known as Healy to analyse your energy and frequencies.

What does the Healy do?
Healy is a holistic wearable and remote device that first analysis your bio-energetic field and then sets specific frequencies from over 144,000 healing frequencies across 120 individual programs.
The Healy then raises the cellular energy through frequency specific micro-currents, to allow the body and mind to get back into it’s natural healing state.

These 3 powerful techniques that offer access to results quicker and more effectively than counselling and coaching alone.



The benefits of AB Counselling & Coaching are:

  • An increased sense of wellbeing, relaxation & Focus
  • Techniques to cope with stress that allow you to quickly re-focus you energy
  • Reduction in depression and anxiety when you have direction
  • Better mental focus and better energy levels
  • Increased levels of creativity and productivity that lead to manifesting your goals faster
  • A better understanding of yourself and your own emotional needs, so you can pivot and re-focus your energy flow
  • Simple techniques you can apply to your personal life and buiness

Astro-Psychology & Bio-Energetic Analysis Counselling & Coaching
(AB Counselling & Coaching) is an innovative form of Coaching that uses Astrology, Counselling/Coaching and Frequencies and Energy, to Manifest and Activate Your Success

Mental Wellness | Practical Advice | Innovative Approach | Results

A typical sessions runs for approximately 1 hour.


Astrology Natal Chart analysis, Counselling/Coaching and
Bio-Energetic Field Analysis.

These 3 powerful techniques provide access to results quicker and are more effective than counselling and Coaching alone.

3 x session package ~ $589
6 x session package ~ $1,170


Lynda Louise
Bach.Counselling – Astrologer
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