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How Can I help you? Would you like to know what is holding you back in life? Or what is blocking you from learning more about your Psychic and Intuitive self? Get the clarity you need from a reading with me. Sometimes we just need to know…

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AB Counselling & Coaching for Business and Personal life

Astro-Psychology & Bio-Energetic Analysis (AB Counselling & Coaching) for Your Business and Personal Life, is an innovative form of coaching that uses Astrology, Counselling and the Healy, to work with you at a more effective level than ever before.… “Millions Don’t Use Astrologers, Billionaires Do!” J.P. Morgan

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Lynda Louise is a Successful and Professional, Heart Centred and Spirit Lead Entrepreneur, Psychic and Medium & University Trained Counsellor.

Her own skills of Entrepreneurship and Innovation has seen her create the AB Counselling service for her clients. A Much Needed Counselling & Coaching for Individuals and Business Owners, that fills a gap In Accessing Frequencies, and Energy and combines Astrology to Manifest success.

Her years experience means Lynda Louise can work with you to help you with life and business direction through Psychic guidance and Astrology and innovative AB Counselling & Coaching sessions.

Lynda Louise accesses the universal laws of Quantum Physics and science via Healy. This Device, Healy, provides a new way to work with her clients in a personal coaching setting or with her clients in a Business energy session.

The addition of Quantum science via Healy and working with the Spirit World help you to manifest and take your own life and or business to the next level.

Opportunity abounds when we take aligned action with the universe.

“Millionaires Don’t Use Astrologers, Billionaires Do”
– J.P. Morgan –
Lynda Louise

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